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From Kirkus Reviews:

"A tense psychological thriller about the human mind.

Visceral and shocking... readers will struggle to know who to root for in this complex, engaging thriller."

From Kirkus Reviews:

"A suspenseful thriller...  the action-packed final scenes alone are worth the price of admission."



Coming soon: Pod Ten

Tyler Acker has been on his own for five years. His parents are dead, and so is nearly everyone else. All of which would be awful enough if any of it were true.


Pod Ten is a story that seems, for the first few pages, to describe a new and terrible reality, a tale of two hundred boys and a small group of adult masters surviving together in the wake of an unspeakable global plague. But in the tradition of all great lies, this one holds together only as long as no one picks it up and turns it over.


Pod Ten is about a young man fighting for independence, about being allowed to think and act freely, without the threat of retribution. It explores the deep instinct we all share to strive, to discover our potential and then reach out for it, even at the risk of our own comfort and safety.

I'll tell you when it's ready...


I was born and raised in Manhattan. I went to Dartmouth, then Cornell, and now I teach in Boston, where I live with my wife and two children.


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